Tackling winter allergies

The summer maybe over and most allergy sufferers take a huge sigh of relief as the pollen count and hayfever risk level drops as the trees shed their leaves for the autumn and winter months.  There are still a good few who suffer from airborne allergies through the winter months and many of these triggers are found in our own homes.

Dust, pet dander and fur, damp, bed bugs, and even our beloved Christmas Tree can cause winter allergies, which many people at this time of year let go as the common cold.  Sniffles and blocked noses at this time of year are expected, but can also be reduced if the cause is an allergen, rather than a virus.

Here are some top tips for making the winter months as sneeze free as possible.

Wash all bedding on a 60c or higher wash with a non-bio, sensitive skin washing powder or liquid. Dry bedding in a tumble dryer where possible. Drying bedding outside is a magnet for any outside pollens which may still be around, the last of the lawns are still being cut and some flowers may be late blooming.  Drying bedding indoors over a clothes horse or on radiators can cause excess moisture in the air or even damp spores.

While the bedding is off, hoover matresses and flip them over.  Bed bugs can be a problem at this time of year so tackle them head on.

Check bedrooms, behind furniture for patches of mould on the walls of the house, especially in areas of poor ventilation. Wearing gloves and a mask, was the walls well with a cleaning solution or invest in some mould growth barrier solution which is available in most DIY stores. Keep ventilation cracks on the windows open where possible.

Give pets a bath if you can to remove excess dander from their fur. Cats may be tricky to bath so invest in some pet wipes from large pet stores.

Hoover on a regular basis to make sure dust is not an issue. Remember to hoover sofas and curtains too.

Wash those teddies! Give them a five star spa treatment to eliminate dust and any nasties they may be holding on to.

Swap your real Christmas Tree for a fake one. Sap and spores of pollen on real trees can be a huge factor during the festive season which is overlooked by many allergy sufferers.

Stock up on products like Serenz nasal spray which is a natural way to clear the sinuses and relieve the symptoms of allergies. Using a fine spray of carbon dioxide, Serenz is a way of helping the stuffiness of allergies in a natural, non drowsy way.  Serenz is available online to purchase for your family.

The main consideration is to make the winter months as sneeze free as possible and by implementing a few tips and trick here and there, you can make a difference without the need for cold and flu medications or antihistamines.

Do you have any other tips to share to make your home allergy free? I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments. Please leave your tips or even your triggers for allergies below and share with everyone.

*Disclaimer – this post was brought to you in conjunction with Serenz. All views are my own and are things which we implimenting in our home. Please make sure if you are concerned about any allergies or cold and flu symptoms that you see your local Doctor for further advice. 

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