Christmas comes but once a year – but if you are a blogger it lasts for MONTHS!


Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas, and I have already got the decorations out.  You may think I am mad but as a blogger this is quite normal.  This year I am undertaking a task that has had me up at night counting the days till Christmas, and not in a good way – I am trying to work out how I can post all the content I have in the run up to Christmas and if I am challenging myself too much.  But, hey, we like a challenge here at The Motherhood.

We are undertaking the Most Mammoth Christmas Guide Ever (well, when I say ever, I mean for me and my blog).  We have decided to write and publish a series of gift guides, days out, short breaks, festive fashions, how to guides, shopping lists, food and drinks and more!  So far we have 26 different guides, yes that is right, 26… and more may come up over the next few weeks as well! Christmas is coming.  Not winter, Christmas, its much more fun and has less blood…

So lets have a little look at what you can expect to come up on The Motherhood from November onwards;

  • Gifts for Mums
  • Gifts for Dads
  • Babies and Toddlers
  • Young Boy
  • Young Girl
  • Teenagers
  • Christmas Cards and Wrapping
  • The person who has everything
  • Pets
  • Festive Décor
  • Home and Interiors
  • Stocking Fillers
  • Festive Fashions and Party Wear
  • Health, Beauty and Wellbeing
  • Gadgets, Music, Tech and Games (electronic)
  • Motoring and Travel
  • Arts, Crafts and Stationery
  • Festive Party
  • Family Entertainment
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • In The Kitchen
  • Days out and Short Breaks
  • Eating out guide
  • Books and Reading
  • Movies and TV

Each of the categories above will have a round up post featuring at least 10 different items, there will also be a Youtube video on our main channel for each one of the categories too which will showcase the products we have been sent.  Expect lots of twinkly lights and festive music!  I have reached out to all my PR networks and beyond and the response has been amazing.  We are going to be giving back this year as well and any items which we can re-gift after we have reviewed them, we will be donating to our local children’s hospital and women’s shelter to make sure that everyone has something awesome to open at  a time of year when it can be really hard on those less fortunate.

With my mammoth list of guides which I have listed above, what posts are you most looking forward to?  I would love to hear your feedback.  Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and YouTube channels to keep up to date with all the festive goings on!

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