Hayfever and Allergy Relief with #Serenz – Product Review

photo-1470236794837-342c4440012eThis summer has been a bit of a right off for most, which for anyone who suffers with hayfever can tell you that its actually been a lovely summer in their eyes – no pun intended.

Nathan suffers greatly from allergies and we have not been able to pin point what it is that sets him off yet.  A week away in Spain with the family did develop his allergies a bit further with some skin conditions which flared up in the heat and in the sea.  Many people find that going to warmer climates helps, but obviously not with Nathan.

We were given the chance to try a new product for allergy sufferers, #Serenz mainly those who suffer from nasal serenz-packagecongestion and irritation of the sinuses, eyes and nose.  The product is a nasal inhaler which dispenses Carbon Dioxide in short bursts into the nose, which can be used a few times a day.  It is an alternative to traditional antihistamines which can cause drowsiness and are not always suitable for young children or those who are driving and or operating machinery.

The canister, which is quite a chunky bit of kit in comparison to other nasal sprays, holds a can of carbon dioxide which is dispensed into the nose to aid in clearing the sinuses.  Each container contains around 40, 10 second pumps or doses of gas, which, if used on both nostrils, it will provide around 20 applications.  With the ability to use this product up to six times a day, it is maybe something which in this house would need to be limited in its use – as at a retail price is set around the £20 mark per canister, it is on the expensive side.

Nathan was willing to give the product a review, as I do not suffer, it was pointless trying the product on me.  It does state that use should be for adults only, but on reviewing things online – other parents had found success with the product so we thought we would give it a go.

Instructions and set up was very easy, unlike other nasal sprays, as this is a gas, you cannot actually see it coming out of the filter. Nathan assures me that you can however feel it as he said it stings.  His eyes did water when using the product and he said it was a bit uncomfortable for him, but within a couple of minutes he was breathing much better through his nose.  Nathan would like to add that it is advised you do not blow your nose right after using this product as it REALLY stings – in his world.  I was actually surprised that the product worked so well. Nathan seemed to get around 6 hours relief from using the product and was very happy that he was not so bunged up. He is happy to keep using it even though its a bit stingy.

Please note, all views are our own. We were gifted a Serenz product to use at home and to base our review from.




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