10 ideas to guarantee fun in the summer holidays for both kids and adults!

The summer holidays are here and for us in England we have another 5 weeks of the cries “Muuuumm, I’m bored!” Nathan and I have come up with a lis to our top 13 activities to do during the summer holidays to cure boredom and make memories. These ideas include some top tips on how to make the holidays go quicker and easier for the grownups too. 

1. Go Trampolining 

Recently we were invited to Oxygen Free Jumping in Manchester to have a go at theit wall to floor trampolines, parkour and fun games and activities. We had a three hour session which was super fun and super exhausting too – if you want to make sure you get the kids really tired, we can recommend going here. There are now 10 sites across the UK with plenty of offers on for the summer.  

Oxygen free jumping manchester

Tip for the grownups – you do not need to get involved if you do not want to, though it is good cardio, they do however have a cafe bar there, so grab a comfy chair and a good book and put your feet up for a few hours. Take headphones to drown out the noise and you are on to a winner. 

2. Pokemon Go

If you have not already got involved in the Pokemon craze, it’s a great way to get kids out and about and excited about visiting new places and going on walks to hatch eggs. 

Pokemon go

Tip for the grownups – find a pub that is also a pokestop, enjoy lunch in the beer garden while the kids set out some lures. Every five minutes they can restock on items from the pokestop so they will be happy staying there a while, if you are!

3. Little Big Tent Festival 

This summer, caravan club are promoting having fun and getting kids to camp out in their own back gardens. Tents can be purchased pretty cheap online or at discount stores and the luxury of camping in the garden is that you do not have to carry everything to a field somewhere and there is also a toilet close by too! Get the BBQ going, music on, make your own wrist bands and invite your friends.

Little Big Tent Festival

Tip for the grownups – turn the event into a family BBQ, get the kids making smores over the BBQ at the end of the evening while sitting out and looking at stars or spotting bats flying around if you are in the countryside.

4. Family board game challenge 

Gather your games and dice, set up a family board game challenge with a leader board of points. Play a different board game or card game every day of the week to collect points. The winner at the end of the week gets breakfast in bed! Take a look at the fantastic ranges of board games from Esdevium Games which include Dobble, Colt Express and the Timeline game series. 

Timeline games

Tip for the grownups – play the same games with friends once the kids have gone to bed and turn it into a drinking game, or if in doubt, break out Cards Against Humanity and laugh yourself silly! 

5. Try sweets from other countries and make a Youtube video

Pop online to Amazon or Cyber Candy and purchase a box of random candy from other countries, get the family on camera to try some crazy sweets and have a great time. Check out our video of trying out Polish sour candy!

Tip for the grownups – you can also do the same with cooking ingredients, experiment with things you have never tried before and take a step out of your comfort zone. 

6. Build a den

Take the Den Building Challenge and work out how you can engineer the best den or fort in your sitting room. Use whatever you can find, clothes pegs are great at fastening blankets together. Fill your den with pillows, cuddly toys and fairy lights for a magical experience.  

Den building

Tip for the grownups – join in! Pass on some den building know how that you had from when you were younger, get inside and share stories.

7. Make a play list and have a dance party

There is nothing better than having a good dance, especially when there is no real reason and it’s to music you have not heard in ages! Practice those dance moves and turn it into a show that you could perform for the family. 

Tips for the grownups – add a load of your favourite tracks from when you were a teenager and educate the kids in way of some classic tunes. Watch the official music videos on YouTube for a good dose of nostalgia.

8. Have a Disney marathon 

There is nothing better if the weather is rubbish than settling down with a good movie. Disney movies are great for the whole family so get the popcorn on and snuggle down.

Tip for the grownups – fancy taking Disney movies to the next level? Check out Drunk Disney drinking game on YouTube as it opens up so many new levels to your favorite childhood films!

9. Visit an animal shelter

Find out your nearest animal shelter and pay them a visit. If you have any old towels, bedding, pillows or blankets, they will always be very welcome. Many shelters let you walk the dogs or visit the cattery even if you are not adopting. 

Adopt a kitten

Tip for the grownups – adopting a pet if you can will keep the kids entertained for hours!

10. Go out for afternoon tea 

There is something quite special about afternoon tea. The sandwiches, cake, scones, long afternoon lunches which are relaxed and kids can get away with eating cake for lunch too! There us almost always too much food so you can always bring some home in a box for later. 

Afternoon tea

Tip for the grownups – some places do free champagne or bubbly, look online for offers of places local to you. In Lancaster I can recommend The Holly at Forton, The Apple Store Cafe in Scorton, Barton Grange Garden Centre, and Booths cafe who do a special afternoon tea for two, with champagne at the weekend for under £20.

What suggestions have you got for coping with the summer holidays? I would love to hear what fun activities you are planning.  The holidays will be over before we know it, September will be here and it will be a flurry of new uniforms and school bags, us parents will breathe a sigh of relief in unison and raise a glass to everyone who survived the summer.

How to cope with the summer holidays

Please note – I am not prompting getting drunk to cope with the holidays, bit it sure makes them more fun!! I am actually quite partial to Becks Blue with lemon at the moment, when the sun is shining, that is. 

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