Review – Metallic Tattoo Kit by Interplay

One thing that I know most kids love are tattoos. Even when I was little I can still remember the really rubbish ones that I would get in packs of bubble gum or from vending machines at the shop. We would stick them on by spitting on them to get the transfer to come off and then end up getting scrubbed raw by our parents when we got home.

Things have moved on somewhat now and not only are the designs so much better, they also come off with baby wipes – most of the time! Nathan was very excited to be given the chance to try out a new range of tattoos from Interplay in the form of their Metallic Tattoo Kit from the FabLab range.

I have to admit I was dubious at first as I was put off by the cover image being aimed at a female market, but we were pleasently surprised about the range of designs for both boys and girls which were contained in the pack. Inside the pack were tattoo sheets, safety sisors for cutting out the chosen design and some micropore sponge for making application easier. There were also a full set of instructions, but of course, Nathan did not want to read those!

He dived in choosing a selection of tattoos. As we had a day out planned, Nathan wanted to make sure he had the best selection of tattoos to show off that day and found it great fun that some of the designs he could join together to form bigger tattoo designs.

I was impressed by the quality of the tattoos and did expect the metallic not to show up too much, but they were actually great designs and transfered well – when someone remembered to take off the top protective sheeting!

The tattoos were a lot easier than some others to come off too, wet wipes and a shower did the trick before school, although given the chance he would have gone in with them still on as he thought they were cool.

The pack retails at £9.99 which you can buy from Interplay or other stockists such as Amazon, which gives you 120 tattoos. That’s a lot of tattoos and it is a great kit for a birthday party or sleepover, or for kids who just love tattoos. Nathan said not to be put off buying it for boys either as he thinks the designs are great.

The views expressed here are our own. We were provided with a metallic tattoo kit from Interplay in order to complete this review.

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