I am a crazy cat lady – it’s official

Some of my friends were confused when I said I was bringing home my new baby.  An immaculate conception must have occurred as they reminded me that I have not been pregnant for over 10 years now and I also am missing the man in my life for such things.  Of course, there are other ways I could have been bringing a baby home – adoption, fostering, child trafficing…  For me though and also for Nathan, our new baby is something not as expensive as a new human baby, on a spur of the moment decision, I decided to get a new kitten!

When I explained that the baby was in fact a furrbaby, and a 6 week old kitten who had been rescued from a farm, there were looks of confusion and tuts of “crazy cat lady”, but you know what?  I didn’t care! I knew it was perfect (purrfect!) for us and would be a lovely surprise for Nathan too, who at the time of my out of the blue decision, was with his Grandparents the other side of the country. 

You may know that one of our furrbabies, Jerry, has decided to be independent and go and live on a farm in the village catching mice and rats. He has done this before and had an 8 month holiday at a local uni and was being fed on pizza and subway by the students. He came back the size of a small tank when the weather got too bad. 

Our other furbaby, Ben, has been missing the company of his brother but relishing in the fact he gets first dibs on food for a change. He now has turned into a couch potato cat in his old age, but it was clear he needed some company.  

Bringing an adult cat into the house would probably not have worked as Ben has never been a dominant cat and there would have been real problems, but with a kitten he has got very maternal and wants to look after his new housemate, Juniper. 

Juniper, or Joon for short (Benny and Joon) has settled in really well and is nothing like when I first got Ben and Jerry home and there were talks of ripping up the bathroom flooring as they had got stuck under the floorboards. She did not cry on the way home in the car and in the first day has already discovered how to get up and down from the bed on her own, is eating, drinking, using the litter box and using me as a climbing pole too. She is around 6 weeks old at the moment, a bengal cross and weighs less than a can or coke. She is teeny, and fits into my hand and I have small hands. 

We will be tracking Joon’s progress and development on instagram – you can find her at @msjunipercat and she would welcome a follow. 

Please join us in welcoming Juniper to our family where we hope she will thrive and have a happy life. 

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