Product Review – Butterfly World by Interplay

A few months ago, Nathan and I were given the chance to review Butterfly World, part of the My Living World series of educational and learning development kits from Interplay.

We were sent the kit and along side it a pot arrived, well packaged, that contained 5 tiny catapillars and their food source for the next few weeks.  We watched as the catapillars grew, spinning web and getting bigger before turning into chrysalis.

It was a few weeks before all of our catapillars had formed their chrysalis and we could move them over to the hatching habitat. A round popup enclosure with a zip up lid became home to them while we waited for them to emerge. This process took around 10 days and we followed the instructions to keep them moist by spraying with water every few days. Eventually our butterflies started to emerge and we made them at home by filling the enclosure with cut fruits and fresh flowers to feed on. 

Nathan enjoyed looking after his new “pets” and found out by identifying the markings online that our Painted Lady butterflies were actually all males.  All five of our butterflies emerged but two of them did have crushed wings and could not fly properly. After a few days we released three of the five butterflies into our garden, but we decided to keep Dopey and Alan, and make them at home with us as they would not really survive long in the wild. Painted Lady butterflies normally have a lifespan of 10 – 14 days which is actually very short. We took twigs, flowers and grass cuttings and made a home. Nathan enjoyed looking after them and discovered that they loved cut cherries and buttercups the most.  We are pleased to say that they are still with us now in their enclosure,  6 weeks after they hatched. They are probably the most spoilt butterflies, ever!

The Butterfly World kit is a great way to introduce children to the development cycle of butterflies and also I found it not as creepy as some of the other ones in the My Living Range which contain ants or bugs. Nathan really enjoyed the experience and has already asked if we can order more catapillars to get some friends for Dopey and Alan!

The kits are available online at the Interplay website and can also be found through other online retailers such as Amazon. 

All views are that of The Motherhood. We were provided with a kit and live catapillars in order to undertake this review. 

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