Not a man, not a boy…

Proud Mum moment this month when Nathan celebrated his 10th Birthday.  It’s a big milestone both for him and for me. He’s growing up and growing up fast. Very soon he will be taller than me, by the end of the summer I am expecting him to be a size 6 in his shoes, which I am convinced that he eats while he is at school as they come home destroyed only after a few days!
I am seeing my boy grow up, img_20160702_131624.jpghis confidence is flourishing, he has his own style, and a wicked sence of humor. He is still and forever will be my little boy, but I need to get my head round the fact I actually have more or less a teenager on my hands and this is becoming more and more apparent every day. 

Here are my boy to teenager observations in the last month 

  • There are now very smelly socks that end up in the most random places.
  • Talking of feet, hair is now growing on his toes and this is not something he is happy with.  I have had to hide my razors and tweezers.
  • Hairy underarms are also now a thing, as is the need for deodorant.
  • Along with the deodorant he now has his own toiletries, and spends a good 20 mins getting ready in the morning.
  • He knows far more than I expect him to about slang terms for sex and rude stuff.
  • He’s dropped the f-bomb by accident in conversation with me, and I was not shocked.
  • He listens to Twenty One Pilots, Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy and wants to be plugged in to headphones at all time.
  • He wants to sleep in and does not do mornings.
  • I caught him googling pictures of “sexy naked girls”.
  • He wanted a mirror in his bedroom so he can check is hair.
  • He is already talking about what car he will have when he starts driving.
  • He will walk into a room where I am just to fart and run away again.

My boy is growing up. Scary, sad and exciting all at the same time. I believe this is just the beginning and I have a lot worse to come. What tips have you got for getting through the next 10 years? I would love to hear your stories too!

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