The Sunday Chart run down of a Fibromyalgia Sufferer

I know the charts are on Fridays now, but to me a Sunday afternoon would always be reserved for listening to the radio because you knew in those 3 hours, your current favourite song would be played during the top 40. 

With fond memories of those good Sunday afternoons, here is my top ten current symptoms in the style of the Top 40 Chart Show. So cassette tapes at the ready, let’s get counting! 

In at number 10, rising three places in the last week, Tendonitus of the right wrist.  We welcome this back into the top 10 after dropping down for a few weeks and becoming not so painful, to Friday night when a flare up kicked it’s way back into the top 10. 

Down four places from last week’s number five, to this week’s number nine, feet issues! Calming down somewhat, but still making themselves known. 

Sticking hard at this week’s number eight spot and holding there for the last few weeks, crazy dreams and night disturbances. Always a solid contender for the top ten but never making it up much higher. 

Number seven sees a new entry this week, but I have forgotten what it is… Thanks to brain fog!

This week’s number six is last week’s number five, anxiety! Always there and one we can rely on seeing in the top 10, this week it is on tour supporting the upcoming performance of hospital stay and sedation. 

This week’s number five was last week’s number 14. Sciatica. Charging up the charts (and down the right leg) to remind you that you still have nerve pains to contending with, which has made driving this weekend especially hard. 

This week’s number four climbs up the chart after running out of suppliments during the week. IBS is back, all in good time for the hospital stay on Tuesday. 

Now for the top three, who do you think will be number one? 

Down one in this week’s chart from last week’s number two, general pain levels. Though they dropped two places, they are still high on the chart this week and they do not look like they will be vacating the top 3 position very soon. 

This week’s number two climbs one place, the one thing that on its exit from the chart can make everything good again, insomnia. 

Which leaves the number one spot being held for the fourth week running, in a collaboration that we will not miss, fatigue and exhaustion. 

What will next week bring? Following the shortlived tour of hospital stay anxiety, we may have entries from post-colonoscopy colic, dehydration, the return of migraines and post sedation bruising. Make sure you are tuned in for another brain fog filled fibromyalgia top 10!

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