Enhancing learning with Education Quizzes

Over recent months, Nathan’s Primary School have been setting homework tasks for his class via Mathletics, a website aimed at developing children’s mental maths based on their age group and key stage. The more they play, the more points they accumulate which can be traded in for avatar upgrades.

It is such a great concept and one that Nathan really enjoys using, but only covers maths and I always thought it would be great to have such a learning portal available with other subjects in mind. 

I was recently given the opportunity to have a look at Educational Quizzes, a subscription based learning development portal which has been developed with tests ranging from KS1 through to GCSE level which have all been written by teachers with student development in mind. 

The website is available for parents to purchase access for their children at a monthly subscription of £7.50 per month which can be cancelled at any time.  The developers however are very aware that some parents may not be able to afford the monthly subscription so also gave packages available for schools to purchase on behalf of the students which, depending on the amount of pupils in the school, can be as little as £2 per year. Also this is a fantastic way for schools to engage with students online and earn brownie points when it comes to Ofstead inspections too. 

Nathan has had a look around the website and when it comes to his 11 plus exams next year, it is something that we will consider purchasing for his revision studying. 

All views are my own. We were provided with access to the Educational Quizzes site and compensated for the time to undertake a review of the service. 

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