10 ways you know you are finally a grown up

Age is but a number and they say growing up is easy, but in my head I have always felt that I am in my mid 20s still. Stuck in the early 2000’s and convinced that 2003 was only a couple of years ago.


It has only been in the last 6 months that I have actually stood back and realised that I am an adult. Like a proper one. A real life grown up. Somehow that scared me a little. I mean I know I have been a Mum for 10 years now, and a surrogate mum to many a student and friend over the years. I had that nurturing, welcoming and accepting outlook on life which put people at ease. But I still saw myself as not quite grown up yet.  
Here are the 10 reasons I realised that I was actually an adult.
Enjoying spending time on your own

Before, the thought of being alone for long periods of time put me on edge and actually made me upset. I would seek out groups of people to be with or even take my laptop to coffee shops to work in to be around people. Now, I like the quiet, the space and the solitude.
I own books, have book shelves and have actually run out of space for the books I have 

I have always liked to read, but never kept hold of books and always gave them away for other people to enjoy. I went through a phase of buying Ebooks but it just did not feel the same reading them and I started going back to hard copies of books. Suddenly I had book shelves and realised I enjoy having them around to dip into again and again. Maybe it’s something to do with loosing my memory as I am growing up!
I have a wine rack 

Not only do I have a wine rack, it’s full. The count this morning is 15 bottles of wine and champagne, with various bottles of spirits too. I do not drink much but the adult in me believes that it needs to be in the house in case people come round or there is an impromptu party.


Spending money on quality garden furniture did not scare me

The thought of going out to the shops and spending a wedge of money on furniture for the garden that we hardly get to use because we live in Britain and have no real concept of summer, seemed very normal. It was only afterwards that I realised that I could have purchased a very nice new laptop for the same price and sat on the grass in the garden, but that some how did not have the same attraction as garden sofas and large banana parasols.
I enjoy going to bed 

There is a time when you are not a grown up that sleeping seems like a waste of time. Stay up late, sleep in random places, take energy drinks and pro-plus to stay up all night and keep going. Who needs sleep anyway!? Well, grown ups do. We love it. The feel of high thread count sheets, feather pillows and snuggly duvets – there is nothing better.
Songs have new meanings 

Revisit some of the songs from your youth and have a good listen to the words – as an adult I have found a whole host of songs which I now connect with all over again.  
Pot noodles actually taste like cardboard

There was a time in my life where pot noodles were a staple in my shopping. Quick and easy, but now being all grown up, I would not ever choose to eat one as there are so many more wonderful things in life that are just as quick and easy. 
Putting my feet up on a footstool is actually a thing, and I love it!

I even have my own chair too!

You have found yourself saying “When I was your age…” and thinking really it was not that long ago in the grand scheme of life. 

I have done this on plenty of occasions.
You find yourself wondering where time goes. The more you grow up and the more adult you become, the faster time goes by.

I really hae noticed years feel like they are getting shorter, seasons have shifted and I complain about the weather, it’s official – I am old!
Does this ring true with you as well? What things in your life have made you realise that you are an adult?  I would love to know. Please share in the comments below. 

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