The case of the ex?


Apparently, we all have at least seven other doppelgangers, wandering around, living their own lives and oblivious to the other ‘gangers existence in another life.

I have been mistaken for two of my doppelgangers in recent years. One is called Gill, that is all I know of her, being chased down the street by a crazy man insisting I was Gill is not really a highlight. The other works in market research in Manchester.  I only found this out while being quized about cleaning product research whilst I was having my hair done, only for them to realise that I was a very different person all together, and had no clue about the latest research panel.

It’s one thing when you are mistaken for your own doppelganger, but have you ever met one? Like the episode of How I Met Your Mother, with them trying to all locate each others twins, how would you feel meeting the doppelganger of someone you know?

I can tell you, I was freaked out!

The familiarity of someone you know, with their same traits, habits and foibles, that you actually grew to dislike with a passion, but with a different voice and attitude, is really something to try and get your head around, especially when they are just like an ex!

Now, we have exes for a reason. Some reasons may be amicable, some may not. Some people drift apart over time, others fight like cat and dog to the point one will end up under the patio. Whatever the reason, they are exes for a reason and normally you breathe a sigh of relief when that chapter is done and closed.

But who should make a cameo appearance in the story of my life, but the doppelganger of one of my exes. This was a turn that I was not expecting.

Here are a few key points to remember if this ever happens to you…

Remember, they are not your ex.

They have no preconceived notions about you, so try and keep yours at bay, even if the do act the same way and it makes you want to scream.

Try not to stare at them too much. It will make them uncomfortable and may provoke another doppelganger forming – who knows how these things are created? Are they like Gemilins?

Don’t treat them with the tarnished brush you would treat your ex. They did not make you miserable all those years ago. Just shrug it off.

They are a non entity in your life and it’s just a cameo, like Stripper Lily, they will be forgotten about shortly.

Do not, under any circumstances, add them on social media. It’s just a bad call.

I would love to know if you have met a doppelganger of yourself, a partner or a friend, tell me about it in the comments!

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