PlayIt Manchester at MSI

At some point in your life you will have picked up a games console12672085_903968156390723_4300590129645278959_o controller, or played a computer game of some sort.  It is a way of life now that has become the norm.  When I was 8, my Christmas present was a Sega Master System, the first generation of affordable home consoles with a joypad and light gun.  It was amazing, we thought we held a mass of technology in our hands, but in fact, it had little more power than a Nokia mobile phone from 10 years ago.

Technology has moved on so quickly, we now have more processing power in our pockets in the shape of mobile phones than what sent the Apollo Space Ship to the moon.  It is crazy to think about, and in that time of technology evolving, computer based entertainment has also grown to such huge platforms, games really do now look life like.12885752_903968083057397_2470684428111579471_o

The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is currently in the first week of their wonderful exhibition of computer games and consoles through the ages.  A huge room, dim lighting, 180 consoles and computers spanning almost 4 decades of gaming.

We were invited along to the opening night to enjoy Pizza and Pop whilst taking a trip down memory lane and 12795021_903968016390737_8200600625982353473_oplaying some Old Skool and next generation games, with some familiar faces!  Due to parking in Manchester being a pain in the bum, to say the least,  we had to cut our visit short, but had a great time getting hands on with plenty of games from all eras.

If you are a gaming geek, or are even looking to take the kids to something a bit different, we would highly recommend a visit to Playit Manchester at MSI which is running until 17th April with plenty of sessions running each day.

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