Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder

Kids should get out more – as parents we hear it all the time.  12525303_903949449725927_6760079286825799925_o

“Back in our day, we played in mud, we came in when the streetlights came on, we didn’t have mobile phones to keep us entertained.”  How many times have you heard something like that being said to you, or even you saying it to your kids?

We live now in a world where kids don’t play out as much, where some parents are OCD about mud and making sure everything is spotlessly clean, anti-bac wipes everywhere and the thought of a child jumping into a pit of mud may make some adults, and even children screw up their noses.

Nathan did just that when I excitedly told him that he had been chosen as one of only a small handful of kids to take part in Fruitshoots Mini Mudder Challenge and become part of Ed Stafford’s Adventure Squad. 12525092_903949843059221_8355187500381831693_o

“I am not going to jump in mud! I don’t like mud!” Exclaimed Nathan.

After a bit of explaining as to what the Adventure Squad would be doing, he changed his mind. I believe that it is important to get kids to do something a bit different and give them chances to develop skills, and also make memories, doing an event like Mini Mudder is something that Nathan can tell all his friends about for years to come.  With a new sense of excitement about the whole event, we took a trip down to The Living Rain Forest near Reading to meet the rest of the team, do some team building activities and even help design one of this years Mini Mudder challenges.12513727_903950336392505_4503297946908108710_o

We had a fantastic day with the rest of the team, and Nathan got involved in all sorts of games, with plenty of water balloons too.  He got the chance to meet Ed Stafford, you know, the bloke that goes naked on an abandoned island and survives on eating bugs and moss?  Yeah, that one!  He is now doing a cold weather marooned challenge in Norway at the moment.  We hope he makes it back without frostbite or any significant damage for the Mini Mudder main event on 30th April.

Over the next few weeks, we have been set challenges to do at home and in the local area, from designing tshirts to building rope swings and obstacle courses in our back garden.  We will be documenting our challenges through videos on youtube and through our instagram, so make sure you follow us!  All social media links are on the right hand side, should you need them.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Robinson’s Fruitshoot for giving us the chance to be a member of the 12885702_903951169725755_4560030610794447653_oAdventure Squad, to Ed Stafford and his team for getting involved in such a project and also to the team at Sharky and George Events who set up the treasure hunt and set up the team building activities for the children on our warm up day.

There is still time to get your children involved in Mini Mudder, if you do not have an aversion to mud and squidgy stuff. Pop along to the sign up page and get involved, they will be touring the country with the course throughout 2016 so there will be an event near you.  To get enrolled, it costs just £10 for children aged 7 – 12. Get muddy, raise some money, have fun!

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