101 facts about me

Here we go, interesting things about, ME!1476408_885791981342_959979988_n

1. My full name is Victoria Elizabeth Winstanley
2. My Mum does not know why she named me this, this was not the name that she had chosen for me
3. The names my Mum had picked out were Christopher for a boy and Penny for a girl
4. I am not, in any way shape or form a Penny
5. My nickname from my Dad growing up was Monster or Sunshine, depending on what I had done
6. I had two dogs growing up Jerry who I used to call Jelly as I could not prenounce R’s and Duster who was a big yellow Labrador
7. I chose Duster when he was a puppy from the breeders house because he peed on my red wellies, and I cried
8. I have an autoimmune condition which affects my day to day life, but I try my hardest to not let it control me.
9. I now have 2 cats called Ben and Jerry and I am very much a cat person.546025_807573077652_383498307_n
10. Both of my parents have passed away, my Dad in 2006, my Mum in 2012.
11. I love nothing more than being a mother.
12. I went to a private school in Northamptonshire for just over a year.
13. I got detention for; forgetting my PE Kit on a coat hanger, not having 6 sharp pencils, not having a clean hanky, forgetting my hat and forgetting my hymn book – I was eight years old! Any more detentions and I would have been expelled.
14. I was told I had to go to speech and drama lessons while at that school as I could not talk properly
15. I was very ill growing up and missed school for 9 months.
16. I went to five schools in total, three primary, one middle school and one high school
17. I moved from Northamptonshire to Edinburgh when I was 11. I completed my school exams there and have 7 GCSEs and 4 A levels
18. I passed my Biology exam even though I was too ill to go to the exam – I got a B.
19. I hardly ever went to PE at school. I told the PE department I was doing extra Art, the Art Department I was doing extra Drama and would sit in the Drama Department drinking coffee and reading More magazine, when I did go, I almost always got injured!
20. I did my first work experience at school with the Playhouse in Edinburgh selling tickets to Phantom of the Opera.
21. My second work experience was an optional work experience placement which I did with Pop band 911 in their music management office in Glasgow20130310_182646
22. I mostly opened fan mail
23. I found pubes and a tampon in one of the letters
24. I still wanted to work in the music industry after seeing that.
25. They gave me a CD as payment for working there
26. I am still in touch with 911
27. I have lived in 19 houses
28. I have moved house 23 times (I moved back in with my parents for a short term stop gap)
29. I loved Corey Haim growing up
30. I also loved New Kids on the Block, Take That and Ant and Dec
31. Because of my love for Corey Haim, I know every single word to The Lost Boys and class it as one of the best films in the world
32. My parents owned a Bed and Breakfast, a soft furnishing company, and an antique shop when I was growing up
33. I made over £500 in tips from the B&B between the age of 9 – 11
34. The Bishop of Texas stayed at our B&B for a week, he gave me $10
35. The many of the houses I have lived in have been haunted, yes I do believe in ghosts.
36. My parents liked to have a lot of parties and I was always involved in them by having my own party and friends round upstairs, we could have our own alcohol if we wanted to, we never did.
37. My parents had a blow up doll called Bessy who used to go out to dinner with them and their friends and be at all the parties wearing my Mum’s clothes
38. I thought this was very normalIMG_20131029_122027
39. I still have every copy of Smash Hits magazine from the 80’s and 90s from when I was growing up.
40. I would play out with friends and explore the village I lived in without my parents knowing where I was.
41. I grew up with ghosts in the first three houses that I have lived in
42. My Mum was told that I attracted poltergeist activity when I was younger
43. I experienced a lot of strange things when I was growing up related to ghosts and things moving around by themselves
44. I watched my first horror film aged 4 and loved it, my Mum told me about directors, producers etc and all the cast that made it before I watched it and I was fascinated by it all
45. Till I was 12 I could not let a film end without watching the credits all the way to the end so I could see how many people made the film
46. I love watching music videos and seeing the storylinesIMAG0349
47. I love binge watching US tv series when I am on my own.
48. I enjoy being single and love having my own space.
49. I am scared of bridges and walkways that move when you walk over them, including rope bridges.
50. I am allergic to some pain killers and antibiotics
51. I have a fear of large spiders and wasps
52. I hate bananas to the point where I want to be sick
53. I know where all my fears came from and can pin point them exactly
54. I was once almost arrested age 16 for stealing golf flags with my friends at 3am
55. I went to my first adult night club aged 15. My friend and I would go dancing every Friday and Saturday night.
56. I was told I looked like Bjork growing up. I don’t think I did.
57. I used to enjoy making buttons for my Dad in his workshop.
58. I was mistaken for a student teacher on my first day of High School
59. I went through puberty at eight years old.
60. I had 36D boobs aged 12
61. I hated it and was very self conscious at school
62. I never had a boyfriend at school because I was sure that he only wanted to see my boobs or my Dad would embarrass me too much as he told me he would come with me on any date I had.
63. My first boyfriend I met online when I was 17.
64. I left school and moved 350 miles away to go and live with him thinking that it was love after only three weeks
65. I never went to university though I was accepted to three different places.
66. I worked on a university campus for 8 years and still had the student lifestyle, but without the debt!
67. My first job was in a shoe shop in Edinburgh and I was paid £2.28 an hourIMG_20130419_165207
68. I have had 27 jobs in total
69. The shortest job lasted only 2 days and that was working in the Motorola Phone Factory assembling mobile phones in 12 hour shifts
70. The most random day I have had in my working life was looking after a squirrel in the kitchen at work and making sure it did not get out into the teaching rooms
71. I have been paid to go to Theme Parks, shopping trips and take people bowling and to laser quest – it was the best job ever
72. I got drunk for the first time aged 31
73. I have been told I am a funny drunk and I giggle at everything
74. I like to drink port and coke.
75. I am a girl gamer and have been for some time – I am a closet geek and love computer games
76. A SEGA Master System 1 was my first console which “Santa” got me one year – I cried because I asked for a Polly Pockets Dolls House and did not get it.
77. I later realised my Dad wanted the games console for him so he could play F1 Racing – My mum got me a dolls house instead
78. My Dad wanted me to be a boy (I think) as he always got me boy toys; robots, scalectrix, games consoles, chemistry sets etc
79. I did not learn to swim till I was 9
80. I did not learn to ride a bike till I was 9
81. My Mum did not want me to get hurt so would only let me go roller skating with 1 skate
82. I learnt to Skate Board instead
83. I spent most of my childhood outside, climbing trees, swimming in rivers, playing in woods and would come inside when the street lights went on
84. I once ran up a £280 phone bill from going on the internet on dial up
85. I was grounded for 1 month and I thought the world was going to end
86. I very rarely wear make up
87. I never use soap on my face or any moisturiser
88. I have never had spots or acne
89. I have NEVER smoked or even tried it and never will
90. I have NEVER taken any “recreational” drugs and never will
91. I am very anti-smoking and anti-drugs
92. I am one of the few people in the world that has had a false positive pregnancy testvicky 5
93. I always think of other people before I think of myself
94. I can crochet but cannot knit
95. I love to cook and to bake
96. I want to own enough garden to have an allotment patch one day as I love growing fruit and veggies
97. I used to own a cockatiel called Lucy who would whistle Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’
98. I prefer wide open spaces and the countryside to built up cities
99. I have an uncanny ability to remember song lyrics and love to sing
100. If I start to read a book I get upset if I cannot finish the whole thing in one day
101. I love my son, he makes me proud every day to be his mother and to see him grow up.

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