The Ward

I sit and I listenIMAG0349
To the buzz’s and beeps
The sound of the ward
While my mum lies asleep

She is comfortable they say
But how do they know?
She cannot talk like this
We just have to wait for her to go

I sit and I wait
I watch as she breathes
With every deep breath
I am becoming more at ease

She lies there so still
Peaceful but sick
She looks very diffrent now
But still thinks the doctors a prick

I sit and I listen
To the sounds on the ward
The chatter of nurses
The relatives that are bored

The ward gets busy at
Visiting time each day
People rushing in to help
Those who are slipping away

I sit and I listen
To family and friends
Concerned for my health
And when this will end

I am thankful to all
Who have helped me and my mum
For the tea and the biscuits
To settle my tum

My mum will soon go
And be with my dad
She will find peace once again
That crazy mum I had

I sit and I wonder
When it will be me
Who will lie on a ward
Pressing a buzzer to pee

Till the time comes
When my mum chooses to go
I will sit and will listen
To the ward, to and fro

Written in 2012 after a long hospital stay for my Mum which resulted in her passing after 10 days of being in intensive care.  I miss her every day.  There will be a series of posts soon about coping with grief and loosing a parent, or parents like me.


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