Thoughts of 5 year old me

I am looking up at the stars, my Dad pointing out groups of stars like The Plough and Orion. I sit wondering what they are.

My Dad tells me they are not planets, just balls of gas. I am thinking that it must be a large gas bill to power all those lights.

But what if the world we live in is actually a dolls house and we are the toys? Every night we are put away into our cardboard toy box and the stars are actually just glimmers of light coming through from the other side?

What if everything we do is actually just someone else’s make believe play? The reason we cry is because we did not fall over, someone else made us do it. The big people outside the box. They are the ones who control us. Earthquakes is just the box being knocked about a bit and rain is because someone left us outside near the hose pipe in the big persons garden.

When the stars go out that is when a blanket is put over the box. The moon is just a bigger hole in the box which we live in.

It makes the song “Livin’ in a box” make more sense now.

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