Dear teenage me,

Wow. I really did not grow in the last 20 years, did I? Don’t worry, being small is looked on as cute and querky when you are older. It’s fine.

Things that you should know now and understand;

School is not so bad. The teachers like you and you can do well if you want to.

The comments that the older kids make about your arse was actually a compliment. Those jeans do make your arse look great, no need to cry about it and hit them with your book bag.

Your friend is not a vampire.

The boys like you because you have boobs.

The girls don’t like you because you have boobs and are cool with having your period.

Yes, the biology teacher is creepy and he won’t be around much longer because of that.

The best way out of PE is to say you are doing extra maths as you need to catch up for exams. Tell the maths dept you are doing extra drama and the drama dept do not mind at all that you are drinking coffee in the wine bar across the road reading “Interview with a vampire”. Just as long as you are back when you do have to go to drama next period.

You need to buy a good bra, crop tops are just not supportive enough.

Spend more time on your work than designing your folders and books and wrapping them with posters from Smash Hits and you will get further. But, you do have the coolest folders in school.

The Internet is still your friend 20 years on. But they guy you fell in love with is not. Don’t fall for the first one that says he loves you.

For the three months you attempt to go veggie very soon, tinned mac and cheese is great but it gets too much after a while. It was a nobel effort, but that mcchicken sandwich won you over in the end.

Seeing boys in thongs dancing to Nivarna will be ever burned into your memory.

Don’t steal the gnomes.

The hedgehog is dead, leave it alone.

Good luck growing up, you have some adventures ahead of you!



If you could write a letter to yourself as a teenager, what would you tell yourself?

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