Q and A of a crazy cat lady

Crazy Cat Lady Q and A – as inspired by Louise Pentland

Are you a crazy cat lady?20140611_122744
Why yes, yes I am indeed. I only have two cats, Ben and Jerry, but I would have so many more if I could!

Tell us about Ben and Jerry!
Ben and Jerry are brothers, they are now almost 8 years old and were originally feral rescue kittens which I found in the car park of my work. There were six kittens in total, and with the help of cats protection, I rescued all six of them, four went to forever homes through cats protection and to help, we took the last two kittens from the bunch, known as Mr hiss 1 and Mr hiss 2 as they were very anti social and scared. You would not think that now if you met them! As I am a foodie type, I had to have a food linked name, but also names which did not sound bonkers if shouted.  Ben and Jerry, after the men who make the lovely ice cream seemed a fitting choice.

Ben is a tabby and white male, with a chocolate drop nose. He was very poorly when he was little and it was touch and go for a while. He had a hernia and also a neurological problem which means he can’t jump too high. He does not really meow, it’s more of a meep, but he has a loud purr to make up for it. With everything that has happened to Ben he is very shy with new people. He is a happy cat though when it is just Nathan and I around.

Jerry is black and white with an off centre smudge on his nose. He is a large tom cat and is quite a bit bigger than other cats locally, which he likes. He is super vocal and loves to have conversations with you. Though he likes it outside, he is very much a lap cat and cannot resist coming for headbutts and cuddles. He likes to bring presents, normally alive so he can show me how to hunt. Jerry loves nothing more than lying in front of the fire and having his belly rubbed. He does not however like blankets, he will not sleep, stand, sit or walk over a blanket and will wait for you to move one as to make space for him.

Where is the strangest place you have found them?IMG_20141129_152151
When they were kittens they got everywhere. We lost them for 5 days in the house when they first arrived as they managed to get under the floorboards of the bathroom!

Have they ever gone missing?
Yes, both of them have. Ben when he was a year old got trapped behind a wall. He never went far so when he did not come home one night I went looking the next day and could hear his meep. I managed to throw a blanket down and he climbed up so I could carry him home.
Jerry went missing last year for 8 months. I was sure he had found a new home. But thanks to the power of Facebook, he was found back at my old work place, a mile up the road and was being looked after by the students. He came back the size of a tank!

Would you have any more cats?
Yes, but I know that these two would not be happy and probably leave home.

You can find out more about Ben and Jerry by visiting their FAQ page here!!

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