Invisible Illnesses – A Poem


I sleep, and then I sleep some more,
For my body aches, to move, it is sore,
For I have an illness that no-one can see,
Driving me mad, wondering, “Is it just me?”,
Am I broken, or maybe just going mad?
But then I am told, my immune system is sad.
Sad and confused and rejecting life,
Making it hard for me to see through the strife.
Nothing can make a change, for there is no cure,
Forever to live like this, my immune system, not sure.
Not sure of what is good, or bad,
Making me long for better days that I had.
When living was easy, and times were fun,
Where I did not worry about falling on my bum.
For I have an illness that no-one can see,
But something about it makes me, more me.
So yes, I sleep, I sleep through the pain,
for tomorrow I hope to win the battle once again.

Vicky @ The Motherhood
25th Feb 2016

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