Movie Buff 2016


2016 is shaping up to be a huge year for movies.  Here at The Motherhood we are all excited about a whole variety of movie releases which have been announced so far.  Our list is getting close to the 50 mark of must see movies already, and that is a lot of cinema trips!

As we are looking forward to so many movies, and we want to share these with you as well to let you know about upcoming film releases, we have split this up into different parts so the post is not too long.

Lets get started!

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Tim Burton is back with the long awaited sequel to Alice in Wonderland.  With a fantastic returning cast and the soundtrack by Pink, it looks like it will one that you would be mad to miss.

X-Men Apocalypse

We love comic book movies here and are looking forward to the new installment from the X-Men.


Reading the book as a child, I never thought that what I had imagined the story being like could be made a reality. The trailer looks stunning, but maybe a little scary for young children.  The release of The BFG has encouraged us to dig out all the Roald Dahl books and think about what they would be like made as movies today.

Suicide Squad

Jared Leto was always Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life until I saw how much he has changed and enveloped himself in the role as The Joker. With a huge cast, including Will Smith, it will not be one that I am missing.

Finding Dory

There have been talks about the Finding Nemo sequel for many years, and now it is here. Need I say more??  Just keep swimming till June.

So, here are the first few films on our list.  We would love to know what movies for 2016 are on your list, please share below in the comments or pop over to Facebook and join in with the discussion there.

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