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on holiday

It is the middle of February, and yet I am already counting down the time till the sun is shining and the children break up from school.  Having moved house in November 2015, in the middle of some of the worst rain the UK has seen for decades, I long for warmer climates, for alfresco dining, the sound of laughter as the kids play with water guns, barbecues and socialising with friends.  The last few months have been damp, dark and depressing in comparison and although cosy in our new home with our woodburner – I cannot wait to get out into the garden and soak up some much needed Vitamin D; Doctors orders actually so I can stop taking supplements!

2015 was a varied year with sadly, more lows than highs.  Moving to a new house was the start of a new chapter and fresh start – only, we are getting used to going from being a two person household to a four person household, which is taking some getting used to, I can tell you.  Becoming a blended family and having what was once two single parents with varying parenting styles live under the same roof is exciting and challenging. One thing I cannot quite get my head around yet is the rate in which toilet paper vanishes, is quite alarming!

I know everyone says it, everyone longs for it, but we honestly could do with a holiday.  Both families have had some upheaval in the last year and we would love to be able to forget our troubles for a while, while also enriching our lives as a new family unit.  I asked everyone what their idea holiday would be, and apart from some very strange answers, mostly from the children which involved travelling in the TARDIS, visiting American Horror Story Hotel, building a Minecraft village and living in it and swimming in a sea of pugs; the overwhelming answer was – time together as a family, somewhere fun, somewhere to explore and somewhere new.

We are all foodies, we do enjoy our grub.  I am one of those annoying people that takes Instagram photos of meals before eating, my son even waits now in case the camera comes out.  Travelling to new places is a fantastic opportunity to indulge in local dining and shopping.  The kids also have a great game of buying the most random sweets from local shops and taste testing them on camera, it does make for some great entertainment.  Some of our best memories have been made around discovering new places to eat and trying new foods.  We all believe that trying new foods and sampling life in different cultures is very important, especially when educating children to the world around them.  Holidays are fun, but its always worthwhile to learn more about the world.

Raise a glass of wine with me and hope that this summer is not a wash out and I get to soak up some Vitamin D, and here is to the hope that 2016 brings us a holiday, or a few.

This post is in connection with Mark Warner Holidays, in connection with our application to become a #MarkWarnerMum.

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