Motherhood -
the life where there is never enough sleep, coffee or wine

At The Motherhood, we like to multi task

We can blog, eat, browse Pinterest, watch a movie, and chase a cat, all at the same time!
You could say that our brain has too many tabs open, and we do not like focusing on just one topic, so here you will find it all!
Holiday and Travel

Family holidays, days out and trips away are enriching times for a family, they provide lifetime memories and opportunities to explore the world.

Toys, Games, Gadgets and Tech

Growing up toys can be fun, but also educational. With Nathan growing up we discover what tech and gadgets are out there for teens and families.

Food and Drink

Keeping the family happy with food is always important. Whether its eating out, or cooking and celebrating at home, we have ideas and suggestions to make your life easier.


As a family we love to explore The Arts, through music, theater, movies and more. We are huge movie buffs and you can find our latest Deezer playlist recommendations here.

Family Life

The ups and downs of family life detailed through our blog posts. We do not sugar coat things and hope that we will be able to share some words of wisdom with other parents out there. Be it talks about parenting, puberty or dating, we have it all.

Arts, Crafts and Interiors

We love getting creative, be it making, sewing, painting or unleashing our interior creative flair, you will find our craft cupboard fully stocked at all times.

Fashion, Beauty and Wellbeing

We are all about promoting body positivity, and enjoying the simple things in life which make us feel good about ourselves.


We love getting out and snapping away with our cameras, you can find out what we are up to via our Instagram accounts @themotherhoodblog and @natebob06

About The Motherhood

Have blog, will travel.
A unique single parent family with multiple social media channels with varying audiences and demographics

Welcome to The Motherhood. Where parenting is a tricky business to get right, and we do not pretend to be perfect at all. Instead, we are family who each have our own interests but share the one ambition, to make our lives as full and meaningful as possible. To experience all that life has to offer and make memories along the way.

Things can be difficult being a single parent; I know that all too well. We have our own rules, ways of life and little habits which can drive another person mad at the best of times. Even though its hard as a single parent, I have a fantastic support network of friends who are parents themselves and will pop up on The Motherhood along the way. Throw 2.4 cats into the mix at home and you have our little family. You can find out more about the members of our family below.

We are aiming to do things a bit differently on The Motherhood. We are not only a blog, but a cross platform social media family network. We have our own social media channels which we manage individually, bringing everything together in The Motherhood Hub. Working with us means that you get multi-channel interaction, with each person having a different target audience. We have a unique set up which we hope will appeal to many audiences. We also are completely honest in our views and give a no holes barred look at our life, farts and all.

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Who is in The Motherhood Family

We are a mixed bunch, but work well together and have plenty of fun
Vicky – Mother Superior
Mum to Boy Wonder, writer, cake baker, cat lover, and former tea room owner, now runs The Motherhood. Interests include music, driving, travel, crafts, geeky stuff and sleeping. Avid tea and coffee drinker. Likes giraffes and hates rope bridges and bananas.
Boy Wonder
Boy Wonder
NateBob – Growing Kid
Ten year old son of Mother Superior who loves Xbox One, Fifa, Lego, extreme sports (mostly watching), and is YouTube obsessed. At school he loves sports, maths and buying flapjacks from the tuck shop. Does not like washing, finds farts hilarious.
The Cats
The Cats
Benny, Junpier and Rocket – The Felines
The Motherhood HQ is home to 3 cats, Benny, Juniper and Rocket. Benny is an 8 year old male who mostly lives outside and under a tree. Juniper and Rocket are Bengal Cross kittens who fit in very well with our little family!

Who we work with

Here at The Motherhood we work with a select number of brands and companies on long term projects and for complete integrity these are listed below. If you would like to work with us on an ongoing basis, please drop us a line or take a look at Work with The Motherhood link above.