18th March 2016

All About Nathan

Name – Nathannathan1
Birthday – 7th July
Lives – In the countryside, where it smells of poop
Nickname – Natebob06
Social Media – Just look for Natebob06 and you will find me
Likes – Cats, Xbox, games, food, drawing, cake, internet, sports, getting new clothes and shoes, my Mum’s cooking
Dislikes – Bananas, food which is too spicy, not having an internet connection, having too much choice and going to bed early
Favourite Colour – Aqua
Favourite Movies – Everything Marvel
Favourite TV Shows – Ninjago, Power Rangers, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory
Hobbies – Drawing, running, sports, xbox, photography and eating
First Memory – Apple picking age 4  with my Mum and Dad
Most Embarrassing MomentThe Catch Ball Incident
Favourite Drink – Fanta Fruit Twist
Favourite Food – Tortellini Pastanathan 6
Camera and Gadgets – Lumix DC Vario Camera and Samsung Galaxy E tablet
Best Social Media Platform – Instagram
Favourite Bands – Fall Out Boy, Ylvis, Twenty One Pilots, The Vamps, 5 Seconds of Summer
Favourite Song – 7 Years by Lukas Graham
Who Inspires you? – Alfie Dayes and my Mum
Ideal Holiday – Paris to see the Eiffel Tower or shopping in New York with my Mum