Wake up with a rave?

Rave parties. In my eyes, things of the 90s, white gloves, trance and dance music too loud for you to function, the iconic dummy around the neck, notorious for drug culture and a secret underground culture I did not really fit in with.  I was more in the Take That can base.

Late last week I was asked to attend Morning Gloryville in Manchester with a friend who had a therapists stand there. At first my dirty mind obviously thought something very filthy, some sort of swingers meet, men with hard ons and the like, but was even more confused when told it was an early morning, pre-work, sober rave. Baffled by this concept that anyone would want to be listening to dance music at 6.30am on a weekday morning (wow I am getting old), the whole thing seemed alien to me, but the concept has been going a long time and spread worldwide.

With only 2 hours of sleep, at 4am we drive to Manchester to set up our stand. The Wonder Inn, just off Deansgate, was hosting the event. Having walked up and down that street a number of times going to the Hard Rock Cafe, this inconspicuous building houses a doorway to a world of unique culture. With a licenced bar, a maze of rooms and facilities available to hire, therapy rooms and cake, (cake is always a winner) it is a gem of a location which I believe many people will have walked by without a second glance. Certainly at 5am it did not stand out as the type of building which would be hosting a rave in the next few hours.

The actual event was amazing. Over 100 people from all walks of life, together to bring happiness and joy to a boring Wednesday morning. Children were there too, participating in yoga, raw food bar, dancing, and even having holistic therapies done. It was great to see a new generation of children open to different means of wellness, and enjoying it too.

The rave lasted from 6.30am till 10am, going by so fast. By the end of the event my cheeks were sore from smiling, my voice horse from shouting over the music, and my mood lifted. Exhausted but happy.

Manchester and The Wonder Inn will be hosting the next Morning Gloryville on 17th May 2017, which I will be attending again to meet some lovely new friends. I am already looking forward to the event and the theme, happiness is homemade.

All views are my own. I am not affiliated with Morning Gloryville or The Wonder Inn. I have not been paid for this post.

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